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Autor: Alberto Battistelli
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AFG: Dental modelling technique

AFG provides a classification of the cusps through the use of simple letters that starting from the right with letter A and ending to the left with letter P. The palatal cusps are named with the same letters by adding the number 1. There is only a rudimentary cusp in the palatal area of the maxillary 6th (Carabelli) which is denoted by the greek letter omega.

The classification of the mandibular arch is the same as the maxillary. There are two rudimentary cusps in this case which are the distal-lingual cusp of the second premolar named using the Greek letter ! and the fifth cusp of the sixth, connected distal-lingual, which is named using the Greek letter !.

To understand and know how to reproduce the individual form, it is first necessary to know how to make an idealized form that corresponds to very precise mathematical standards. This is the system that has always been used by all artists. Similarly, in the field of tailoring and fashion, we start from a numerical study of the ideal situation, from which the sizes (S-M-L) that actually do not correspond to any real human figure but suit most people and which small tweaks can be individualized. AFG completely carries these criteria to the dental world for the first time.

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