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 Autor: Claudio Nannini


Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese

The decision to publish this book was based on a series of factors and convinced from a desire to communicate and transmit a body of information and techniques that have given me immense satisfaction during the passage of time. I have always been fascinated by gnathology and have never understood why a correctly functioning job could not be combined with excellent esthetics...

Chapter 1:The Principles of occlusion.

Chapter 2:Face bows. Articulators. Accessories.

Chapter 3:Recording the relationships between the arches(This chapter is the brainchild of Dr.Ugo Ferrari).

Chapter 4:Esthetic analysis Fundamental principles of prosthetic reconstructions( The clinical parts were executed by Dr.Francesco Mintrone).

Chapter 5:Diagnostic esthetic and functional wax-ups with preview in the oral cavity.

Chapter 6:Temporary restorations: Immediate Provisionals, on prepared teeth, on implants, orthotics.

Chapter 7:Techniques for transferring temporary restorations into the oral cavity.

Chapter 8:Clinical cases.

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